Verdigris Bronze Galloping Horse on Flying Swallow Sculpture

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SKU: K-Horse-A

A dynamic galloping horse verdigris bronze sculpture/statue, inspired by The Flying Horse of Gansu (also known as the Bronze Running Horse or the Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow).

Among China's various craft masterpieces, Bronze Galloping Horse is unique with its splendid designs and is a classical work of Chinese ancient aesthetics. The horse is raising its head, neighing and galloping forward with one foot treading on a flying swallow.

This piece was created through the buried patinating method and sand-casted with some sand still visible. It is delicately balanced on the swallow form and it can stand on its own. Due to the natural production process, no two are the same, and it is very heavy for its size (1 lb 3 oz, about 0.5 kg). A beautiful piece with great vitality.


7.5" L x 6.5" H x 2 1/4" D
19 cm L x 16.5 cm H x 6 cm D