Verdigris Bronze Abstract Horse

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SKU: K-Horse-B

Amidst the pantheon of China's artistic treasures, the majestic horse emerges as a true embodiment of splendor, showcasing the timeless allure of ancient Chinese aesthetics that flourished during the illustrious Han dynasty.

Crafted with utmost precision, this remarkable masterpiece has been brought to life using the revered buried patinating method, resulting in a captivating interplay of colors and textures. The sand-casted surface, adorned with traces of the very sand that gave it form, adds a touch of authenticity and raw beauty to the sculpture. Standing gracefully on its four legs, this equine marvel possesses an inherent stability and presence that commands attention.

Imbued with the essence of nature's craftsmanship, each horse is a unique creation, bearing the marks of its individual journey. The natural production process ensures that no two sculptures are identical, bestowing upon each piece a distinct character and an air of exclusivity. Though modest in size, this wondrous creation carries a surprising weight, measuring 1 lb 3 oz (approximately 0.5 kg), a testament to its solid craftsmanship and substantiality.

Behold this resplendent work of art, a testimony to the unyielding spirit and vitality that radiates from within. As the embodiment of grace and power, this captivating horse captures the essence of Chinese heritage and invites you to appreciate the harmonious union of artistry and nature.

Allow this magnificent sculpture to grace your surroundings, infusing them with a sense of elegance and enchantment. With its captivating presence and timeless beauty, it serves as a tangible reminder of the enduring legacy of Chinese artistry and the boundless wonder it bestows upon those who behold it.


6.5" L x 7.25" H x 2 1/4" D