Theon Verdigris Bronze Table Lamp

$1,000.00 $2,100.00
SKU: K-75-L

Limited Production run. Limited to the last one at hand.

Unveiling an aura of undeniable strength, the majestic Theon Table Lamp in Verdigris Bronze commands attention with its imposing silhouette. A testament to its unparalleled craftsmanship, the lamp's intricate patina finish imparts a regal allure, endowing each piece with a distinctive and dignified presence. Weighing over 34 lbs, its substantiality serves to anchor and ground any space it adorns.

At Lawrence and Scott, every verdigris bronze vessel is meticulously sand-casted and undergoes a remarkable transformation underground for an extended period of seven months. This painstaking process ensures that each lamp possesses a truly unique patina, a testament to the artistry and devotion poured into its creation.

The wooden elements of the lamp, including the cap, stand, and finial, are equally exquisite. Meticulously carved, grain-matched, and turned by our talented in-house craftsmen, these intricate details exemplify the pinnacle of artisanship. Each piece is thoughtfully selected for its utmost quality, culminating in an ensemble that exudes elegance and refinement.

Immerse yourself in the commanding presence of the Theon Table Lamp, where strength and artistry converge. Let its stately silhouette and meticulously crafted details infuse your space with an air of sophistication and grandeur, creating an ambiance that is both awe-inspiring and captivating.

Short lead time: 7 business days.

Due to its weight, it must be shipped via freight.

Overall Height: 34"
Base Height: 18"
Widest part of Base: 11 3/4" Diameter
Shade used in illustration: 19" x 20" Diameter x 14" H