Tea Set, Bone China, "A Leisurely Drop of Red"


Material: Bone China, Crystal Glass
Technique: Pressed
Size: Packaging Box W 10" x D 9" x H 4" inches
Limited Edition: Unlimited
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Concept:

A wondrous ensemble beckons—a single teapot accompanied by four tea cups—each bearing an enchanting tale etched upon its surface. With artistry, the teapot's form becomes a canvas adorned by delicate motifs of peony flowers and golden-hued fish. Peonies, revered as the national flower, and goldfish, their name evoking "golden jade," intertwine to bestow blessings and accolades from a bygone era of flourishing tradition.

The design's imaginative prowess unfolds as peonies gracefully merge with the extended tails of goldfish. Blooming flowers take on the form of gilded fish, a celebration of abundance, while the goldfish metamorphose into resplendent blooms, embodying glory and splendor. This symphony of goldfish and flowers resonates with the very essence of life, encapsulating its vibrancy and dynamism.

Within the ritual of tea lies profound reflection, a moment to reconnect with the essence of oneself and to reminisce about days of yore, thus rediscovering one's true nature. In the bittersweet flavor of tea leaves, the quintessence of existence reveals itself, imparting wisdom to the discerning soul.

Behold this captivating tea set, an ode to the splendid tapestry of life, where ancient symbolism intertwines with the present, inviting you to savor the richness of tradition and find solace in the delicate nuances of existence.