LIULI Bone China Sake Cups with Fine Crystal, Set of 8, Holiday Limited Edition


Design Description:

Seasonal Treasures set of 8 is the limited edition for this holiday season. Combining fine crystal and bone china, this is a sake cup set that marks the moment of holiday blessings and heartwarming gatherings. This design was inspired by Eastern four gentlemen flowers “plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum". Each flower represents virtue and the four seasons. These plants are "peony in Spring, bamboo in Summer, chrysanthemum in Autumn and plum in Winter '' that represent respectively "influence, growth, perseverance, and vitality". They are the four kinds of wisdom and inner strength. 2021 Holiday limited edition 100 sets in the U.S.A. This limited edition uses a special holiday color glorious red on a peony flower to convey a passionate life and a prosperous new year.

Spent in Comfort and Cheer - Seasonal Treasures (Set of 8 pieces)

Four seasons,
Four forms of endearment,
Four carefree manifestations;
We do not need a reason to meet,
Invite happiness with a drink.

爲美好生活喝彩采 - 珍喜四季 (獨家限量八件套裝組)


Item No.:



Crystal Glass, Bone China



Peony ( Red – Bottom Right) 

2.60" L x 2.60" D x 2.20" H inches


Bamboo ( Spring Green – Bottom left)

2.8" W x 2.8" L x 2.1" H inches


Chrysanthemum ( Amber – Top Left)

2.8" W x 2.8" L x 2.1" H inches


Plum ( Sapphire Green – Top Right)

2.87"L x 2.87"D x 1.73"H inches