HPA-1 Audiophile Headphone Amplifier


Why we love it

This is not just another myth-based audiophile product out there. The HPA-1's engineering specifications have been verified by AudioScienceReview to be State-of-the-Art, and it sounds exactly like what it should be, like it's not there. Bring your favorite headphones and your favorite files and audition it at our showroom.

Key Features of the HPA-1

  • World-class performance as characterized by ultra-low harmonic distortion, extraordinarily low intermodulation distortion, and ultra-low noise floor.
  • Two inputs: XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced), selectable by front-panel switch.
  • One output: ¼" (6.3 mm) phone jack.
  • Two gain settings: 0 dB (1×) and 12 dB (4×) to accommodate sources ranging from balanced pro/studio sources to media players, phones, and tablets. The gain is selected by a switch on the front panel.
  • Protection against excessive DC voltage on the amplifier output. This protects your headphones in the case of a catastrophic amplifier failure.

The HPA-1 delivers true world-class performance at a very attractive price. It provides up to 1.0 W (1000 mW) of output power at ultra-low harmonic distortion, exceptionally low intermodulation distortion, with an ultra-low noise floor. It is mainly due to its exemplary performance on these parameters that the HPA-1 is able to reproduce the music exactly like the artists and recording engineers intended.

The ultra-low distortion results in a clean and crisp sound. This is especially evident in the rendition of instruments that challenge many ordinary amplifiers. This includes instruments such as cymbals, hi-hats, snare drums, and saxophones, which the HPA-1 renders superbly. The ultra-low distortion design of the HPA-1 also allows you to hear the sounds normally only experienced in live performances, such as the body cavity resonance of an acoustic guitar on the leading edge of the string attack.

It is noteworthy, that high levels of intermodulation distortion have been associated with the activation of the fight-or-flight response in humans. Thus, it stands to reason that a low level of intermodulation distortion is crucial to a pleasant listening experience. This is another area where the HPA-1 excels. Thanks to its extremely low intermodulation distortion – in particular on multi-tone tests – the HPA-1 renders the music with incredible realism and an amazing sound stage without resulting in listening fatigue. 

Finally, the ultra-low noise floor of the HPA-1 is responsible for the complete absence of sound during pauses in the music – even when used with sensitive in-ear modules.

The HPA-1 is designed and manufactured in Canada. The raw circuit board is made in Ontario. The PCB assembly is performed in Calgary. The chassis is made in Japan with some mechanical parts sourced locally from Calgary.

Specifications (3rd party verified)

Parameter Value Conditions
Output Power 1.0 W 20 Ω
Output Power 1.0 W 32 Ω
Output Power 250 mW 300 Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < -130 dB 300 Ω, 100 mW, 1 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N)

0.0003 %

(-110 dB)

300 Ω, 100 mW, 1 kHz
Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) < -112 dB 18+19 kHz @ 1:1, 300 Ω, 100 mW
Multi-Tone Intermodulation Residual <- 140 dBr AP 32-tone, 300 Ω, 100 mW

0 dB (1x)

+12 dB (4x)

Selectable by switch
Input Sensitivity 2.8/0.7 V RMS Low/High Gain, 32 Ω, 200 mW
Output Impedance 35 mΩ 1 kHz
Channel Separation 95 dB 1 kHz
Dynamic Range (AES17) 130 dB  
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 132 dB  
Residual Mains Hum & Noise 1.25 µV RMS A-weighted
Mains Voltage Requirements

80–264 V AC

47–440 Hz

Size 140 x 55 x 210 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 850 g  
Designed and manufactured in Canada