Crystal Taiwan Sambar Deer - "Auspicious Summit"


Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre
Size: 4.75L x 3.95D x 15.35H inches
Limited Edition: 300 pieces (Worldwide)
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Auspicious Summit – Taiwan Sambar Deer
- Behold the tenacious determination

A Symbol of Good Luck

In the realm of Chinese language, the term "Lu," signifying the graceful deer, resonates in harmonious union with the term "Lu," encapsulating the triumvirate of auspicious omens: "Fu, Lu, Shou." An assemblage of a hundred deer is heralded as a symbol of opulent affluence.

Emerging from the exclusive anthology titled "Believe and You Shall See," the concept of the "Auspicious Summit" finds its origin within a meticulously curated quartet of artworks. These creations pay homage to the modest beginnings of the LIULI art studio, deeply rooted in the fertile soil of Taiwan. The enigmatic Sambar Deer, indigenous solely to this island, symbolizes flourishing biodiversity through its presence in significant numbers. As the seasons dance, the deer's coat assumes a kaleidoscope of hues, thus imbuing the artwork with a captivating fusion of crystalline colors. The dexterity exhibited in this collection is most evident in the intricate crafting of the deer's antlers, a feat achievable only through meticulous precision. Undeterred by challenges, this artwork resounds as a resolute testament to the intrinsic allure of nature and unwavering faith in the world's innate splendor—where belief becomes the conduit through which one truly perceives.