Crystal Mythical Creature, Dragon, "The Space Between Heaven and Earth"


Only 1 allocated to the US. 

Design Concept:

This piece depicts a dragon perched on the crest of a wave, suggesting eternity. The soaring dragon represents light and hope, courage and blessings. The first step in producing this work was to use the style of freehand brushwork to sculpt the churning waves and clouds. Next, the dragon was sculpted in a detailed fashion, including its facial expression and posture, which together express boundless confidence, power, and mastery.

This dynamic dragon sculpture demonstrates its magnificent power with a ready-to-fly posture and a resolute gaze. Since the diameter of the dragon’s body gradually lessens towards the tail, making it susceptible to breakage during the comprehensive 12-step Pate de Verre process, fashioning the tail is highly challenging even for the most experienced artisan. The color stream flows organically, creating a brilliant interfusion of hues that manifests the dragon’s imposing appearance.

The Chinese dragon has been a symbol of power and spiritual sustenance since ancient times. The dragon is also regarded as a powerful protector who acts as an intermediary between Heaven and humanity.

The Space Between Heaven and Earth

Atop the clouds,
Across the watery horizon
and beyond the cosmos,
the dragon roams free.

In this space of 80,000 miles
between heaven and earth,
All is within its domain.




Item No.:



29.5" L x 13.8" D x 17.7" H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

188 pieces (Worldwide)

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.