Crystal Guanyin Sculpture, "Accompanied By Ease + A Happy Excursion Set"


Material: Crystal Glass and Incense
Technique: Pate de Verre
Size: Guanyin sculpture 2.3"x1.9"x4" inches & Wooden Box 6.6"x6.6"x4.3" inches
Limited Edition: Guanyin sculpture + Incense Set
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Concept:

This is a special limited edition set that includes Guanyin and incense.

A mother's love is often compared to the boundless acceptance embodied by Guanyin Buddha. The gentle glow of moonlight, representing compassion, blankets the earth and touches every child's heart, serving as a constant reminder of the selfless love and dedication that our mothers have bestowed upon us. An incense could Immerse the body and soul in a tranquil, restful, and unclouded space, this is a great gift during Mother’s Day to find a serene moment for herself.

In the “Heart Sutra”, Guanyin, referred to as Guanzizai, is a teaching, self-reflection, and a salve for the body and soul. Some ancient philosophies, through the passage of time, see an evolution of core values and adapt to the times. To be free, loosen your grip, and release the self, desire, and worry.

Guanyin’s hair is fashioned in a high knot and draped in flowing fabric with a small Buddha on top. Guanyin sits with a placid expression, full cheeks, and a baihao (白毫) marking their forehead. Eyelids slightly lowered, Guanyin sits upright with a slight smile, wearing an intricately sculpted draped robe. At ease, Guanyin is adorned with a Ying Luo (瓔珞) necklace across its chest. This gentle and compassionate feminine portal of Guanyin is in classic Han Buddhist imagery. Keep Guanyin at one’s side at all times to encourage clarity and compassion.

Incense is the vessel supporting our meditative awareness. From stick to ash, the essence of incense remains within our hearts long after the smoke has dissipated, allowing us to retain the wisdom of mindfulness. Approach incense as a guide leading us to tranquility, offering the comfort and strength of Guanyin.