Crystal Fish and Pine Tree, "Evergreen Prosperity"


Material: Crystal Glass
Technique: Pate de Verre
Size: 9.25L x 4.5D x 14.75H inches
Limited Edition: 600 pieces (Worldwide)
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Description:

In this design, the pine gracefully unfolds, akin to a fan's delicate unfurling or the gentle sway of a fish's tail in the water. Emerging from intertwined branches, the carp and pine coexist in exquisite harmony, drawing inspiration from traditional symbols of good fortune. The pine represents longevity, while the fish symbolizes prosperity. This artwork masterfully captures the contrasting dynamism between the fish and the profound tranquility of the pine trees, blending philosophy with auspicious symbols to bestow a unique form of blessing.

Rooted in Zhuang Zi's timeless philosophical work, "The Butterfly Dream," this design evokes a state of existence that is neither here nor there, blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion. It prompts us to ponder whether the fish has transformed into the pine or if the pine has become the fish. Additionally, one can contemplate whether the lower part of the design resembles a rugged tree trunk within a mountain range or perhaps a taihu rock submerged beneath the tranquil waters of a lake. Such interpretations are left to the discerning viewer, inviting their imagination to take flight.