Crystal Fire Feng Shui Sculpture, As The Good World Turns - Glorious Turning of Ruyi


Design Description: 

A mesmerizing spectacle unfolds as a flame dances gracefully, bearing witness to honor and triumph. At its very heart, a spinning Liuli pearl emerges, reminiscent of the legendary Chaos Pearl in the tales of Nezha. Born from the fiery essence, this pearl embodies an unwavering force, untainted by deceit, that combats darkness with righteousness and signifies ultimate victory.

In the ancient annals of Han Chinese culture, the flame was revered as the "light of glory," illuminating the path with its resplendence. It represents the most radiant aspect of fire, its core essence, captivating all who behold its scintillating presence.

As this extraordinary artwork comes to life, it beckons us to contemplate the profound symbolism it carries. The dancing flame embodies the noble pursuit of truth, while the spinning Liuli pearl infuses the narrative with an aura of authenticity and triumph over adversity.

Let this evocative piece remind us of the power that lies within, urging us to embrace sincerity and righteousness as we navigate our own journeys. May it ignite the spark of determination, inspire the pursuit of justice, and kindle the flame of victory in our lives.

Feature: The crystal ball is roll-able and detachable.

Crystal Desk Decor, Fire, Feng Shui, As The Good World Turns - Glorious Turning of Ruyi

One turn,
Turns everything around for the better;
Another turn,
And the beautiful world comes to life.
Turn the wheel of your ruyi,
Turn the wheel of the world’s ruyi.



Item No.:



3.4"L x 2.36"D x 3.94"H inches


Crystal Glass

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.