Crystal Dragon (Limited Edition) "An Overwhelming Force From The East"


Crystal Dragon - "An Overwhelming Force from the East"

Final piece of 12 pieces limited edition

Embodied within the grandest design of the illustrious Year of the Dragon in 2012, Loretta H. Yang and the esteemed artists at the renowned LIULI studio unveil a masterpiece of unparalleled magnitude. This immense sculpture, meticulously crafted over the span of half a year, captivates with its extraordinary attention to detail, undergoing a formidable forty percent failure rate during the firing process. A labor of love, it harmonizes the collective efforts of over a dozen dedicated artists and laborers, culminating in a crystal glass dragon that surpasses all others in its manifestation of might, courage, and nobility.

Exquisite hues of sumptuous golden amber dance across its form, enhancing the interplay of light and bestowing a resplendent allure. With arms outstretched to the heavens and the Earth, it proclaims, "My power unites sky and ground—my strength knows no bounds."

This extraordinary creation finds its place within the esteemed collection "Arising from the East (The Dragon)." Rooted in ancient Chinese lore, the dragon emerges to the celestial realm with the arrival of spring, submerging beneath the waters as autumn descends. Possessing the ability to summon winds and rains, it embodies the harmonious coexistence of mortal and celestial domains—a profound philosophical concept.

Vigorous, vital, and resolutely progressive, the Chinese dragon stands as an embodiment of indomitable might and unwavering fearlessness. Often hailed as the "dragon amongst mortals," it represents individuals of exceptional character and unyielding spirit.

In this captivating amber rendition, a divine dragon awakens to the gentle easterly winds. Its jaws part, claws extend with grace, infusing the piece with vibrant vitality. It becomes a symbol of unshakeable determination capable of moving mountains.

The intricate layers and sculptural intricacies of this design are meticulously brought to life through the technique of Pate de Verre. Reflecting the traditional Chinese auspicious cloud motif, the dragon soars towards the Nine Heavens, evoking the pinnacle of absolute zenith. May the dragons amongst mortals, both inspiring and inspired, ignite a flame of inspiration for all.

Poem -

"An Overwhelming Force from the East"

A wind blows in from the East,
Waking up the rivers and mountains.
Your influence stretches from past to present,
From the edges of the sky to the sun, the moon,
You are a dragon amongst mortals.





26.00"L x 17.72"D x 23.62"H inches

Shipping Dimensions (Box Dimensions)

34" W x 34" D x 48" H


190 lbs

Shipping weight

286 lbs

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