Crystal Chinese Zodiac Figurines Set "Twelve Jubilant Guardians"


Material: Crystal Glass

Technique: Pate De Verre
Size: 2.30W x 1.90D x 2.50H inches
Limited Edition: 980
Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.

Design Description

Cute and delightful, the new Zodiac pair designs at LIULI are the embodiment of pure exuberance. United by joy and sharing memory, a gift given to honor the eternal and ever-abiding alliance of love and companionship. The color of sunshine gold amber, these handcrafted crystal pairs feature a collection of 12 beloved characters of the Chinese zodiac, including the youthful, wide-eyed ox and the ever astute, aware, and charming rat, and the horse, with its noble stature and bravery.

Twelve Jubilant Guardians

Twelve animals of the zodiac,
twelve guardians of joy and fulfillment.
In every year,
every day,
and every moment,
laugh and move
with joy in your heart.

Twisting and turning,
going with the flow,
with opportunity,
with a raised head -
that is how we move.