Crystal Celebratory Horse (Limited Edition)


** Only one allocated to the US in this shipment **

Boundless Grandeur

This horse, with the soul and the manner of a king hidden underneath his golden cloak, is LIULIGONGFANG’s specially chosen piece for the 2014 year of the horse. In 2014, year of the horse, gold within sand of the Five Elements, this a rare occasion that only happens once every sixty years. Gold can only be uncovered after being sifted out through the processes of washing, panning, and other procedures. In the same way, the wise can only be born by going through the trials of time to prove his uniqueness and worth.

The yellow-colored body seems as though it is covered in gold sand and with the glint of the golden saddle, the horse is fearless and rides the wind forward. This art piece is suitable as decoration for the entrance; it displays the courageous spirit and aspirations of the owner. At the same time, this piece is also great for the study as a reminder of one’s own expectations. Other than being a good personal collection piece, this piece is also perfect for a meaningful and thoughtful gift especially for the elders and superiors to show signs of respect and veneration.

Why is there a crown on the horse?
"Truth becomes fiction when the fiction is true;

Real becomes non-real where the unreal is real." - The Dream of the Red Chamber

The golden crown with details of faces of beasts is the horse’s mask; it is the horse’s armor. To be armed, is to give oneself a spiritual armor, LIULIGONGFANG’s director, Chang Yi, believes that, “In such a time, to conquer all adversity, we need a powerful force, like that of the crown with golden antlers as the armor of the horse. The pursuit of such armor is to attain the consistency of the internal and the external. On the exterior, there is an impression of fearlessness; on the interior, a one can be courageously inspired by the momentum.” Chang Yi added a golden crown and a bejeweled saddle on top of the creative director, Loretta Yang’s original sculpture and gave the horse an inspirational and soaring spirit. Not only does “Boundless Grandeur” bear the traditional complex, luxuriant details of LIULIGONGFANG, but also a bizarre yet powerful look. This phenomenal horse bears a bejeweled crown and wears a golden saddle decorated with curly grasses and flowers that is inlaid with 136 zircon gemstones. It is graceful and mighty, like the great mounts with grand exploits found in epic poems that conquer along the heroes across the lands. In the same way, we need a strong spiritual support in life, we need to turn armor into power, become substantial to the world, defy the environment, break the darkness and go straight ahead facing any adversities.


The Collection: Dragon on the Heavenly Shore (Horse Collection) 

Poem inspiration:

Boundless Grandeur

Akin to dragons and winds,
Rising high into the air,
Dare to offend steel armors and golden saddles?
Boundless aspects
Fixed by heaven and earth,
A towering prowess.





16.73"L x 7.09"D x 18.03"H inches


Crystal Glass


Pate de Verre

Limited Edition:

199 pieces (Worldwide)


* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.