Chopstick, Blessed (1 Pair Per Pack)


Blessed, Chopsticks as a Blessing

Chopsticks.  It would be hard to imagine Chinese culture without them.  They bring together families and friends, and bless us gathered around the dining table with great cuisine and warm memories.

“Blessed” chopsticks are elaborately ornamented with signature LIULI peonies, a long stainless steel tip for a clean palette, and a dot of liuli crystal for that elegant touch.  Its body as well as its accompanying pouch is designed for conscious habits and sustainability.

Chopsticks are more than just a tool, they are a blessing.  When gathered at the table, take only what you need with them from what is offered and leave the rest for those you share that meal with.  This is as much an art as a tool, and to share in the tradition is to give blessings to those you break bread with, it is a form of expressing your hope and wishes for your friends and family.

箸福, 這不只是一雙筷子


筷子,不僅是一雙筷子,它更是一份祝福的分享、一份感恩之心的傳遞。 祝(箸)福每個人,吃得飽,睡得好,每天都快樂 !

Item No.:



9.84"L x 0.30"D x 0.30"H inches


Crystal Glass (on the upper body), Silver, and Polyvinyl Chloride


1 pair Chopstick in a red cloth-bag. 

* Note: As the art pieces are individually hand-made, the color and dimensions will vary slightly.