Freya Table Lamp in Verdigris Bronze

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Unveiling a grandeur that commands attention, the massive Freya Table Lamp in Verdigris Bronze showcases a statuesque silhouette that exudes strength and presence. The lamp's intricate patina finish adds a touch of regality, enveloping it in a stately and unparalleled allure. Weighing over 37 lbs, its substantiality ensures it serves as a grounding centerpiece in any space it adorns.

At Lawrence and Scott, the creation of each archaic bronze vessel is an art form in itself. Every vessel undergoes a meticulous process of sand-casting and a patient burial underground, lasting upwards of seven months. This laborious journey results in the attainment of a truly unique patina, embodying the character and depth that only time and nature can bestow.

The attention to detail extends to the lamp's wooden elements, including the cap, stand, and finial. These intricate components are meticulously carved, grain-matched, and turned by our talented in-house craftsmen, using the most exquisite materials available. By default, the lamp is crafted with oak, as shown in the photo. However, we offer the option of walnut at no additional cost, and other customizations are available exclusively for our esteemed trade partners.

Every lamp is meticulously fit and finished with one of our renowned handmade shades, which epitomize our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. The result is an exquisite ensemble that harmoniously combines form and function, offering an unmatched visual and tactile experience.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Freya Table Lamp, where strength, artistry, and attention to detail intertwine. Allow its commanding presence to elevate your space, infusing it with an aura of refined luxury and sophistication. Let the radiant glow from the lamp's handmade shade illuminate your surroundings, creating an ambiance that embodies the essence of timeless elegance.

Overall Height (in): 37
Base height (in): 21
Base material: Verdigris Bronze
Lamp weight (lb): 37
Socket: Standard E26 Medium
Shade height (in): 15
Shade width top (in): 11
Shade width bottom (in): 20
Standard shade material: Textured White Linen