Porelain Quail Box on Carved Stand Multicolored, 20th Century, 3.5 x 8 x 5''

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A pair of Chinese three-color glazed porcelain quail boxes
Republic period

Molded as a recumbent facing pair, their feathers molded in light relief, outline in black, and picked out in yellow, green, and purple enamels while the interior surfaces display a layer of translucent turquoise enamel, the recessed bases are unglazed. The pair includes matching Hongmu wood stands.

In excellent, unused condition. This pair was stored in a climate-controlled cabinet.

Dimensions: 7in (17.5cm) W x 4" D x 4 1/2" H (with stand) each.

Consigned from a private collection. Acquired in 1995 in Hong Kong with a 50-100 years old estimate by the local trade association prior to the 2000s, when copies began to surface.

Reference: Bonhams & Freeman's