Sung Tze-Chin Chinese "Magpies in Flight" Two-Panel Screen Silk Hanging Screen 24" W x 48" H

$1,150.00 $2,750.00
SKU: S-24482-SPFLT-C

A calming and joyful Chinese style ink on silk "Magpies in flight" two-panel screen by famed contemporary Chinese painter Sung Tze-Chin. A scene of joyful exuberant is delicately painted on silk with champagne colored silk damask border with wood frame. Magpies are symbols of joy in the Chinese tradition.

Panels can be hung easily with standard hardware (not included).

Less than 10 were produced. No two are exactly the same.


Each panel: 24" Wide x 48" Height x 1" Thick
Fully extended: 48" Wide" (2 panels)