When we assumed control of Lawrence & Scott, our vision was to breathe new life into the brand by introducing a meticulously crafted, minimalistic, modern, and sustainably produced lighting line. Drawing inspiration from our combined Asian and Scandinavian heritage, as well as our extensive travels, we embarked on the creation of the Lawrence & Scott Malmo series.

Lawrence & Scott Malmo Table Lamp

During our exploratory phase, the elegant silhouette of Japanese pagodas captivated our imagination and effortlessly translated into the form of a lamp. The tall, majestic, and layered nature of pagodas, enriched with captivating narratives, embodied the quintessential shapes of the East. Infusing the pagoda's silhouette with the minimalist essence of Scandinavian designs, we laid the foundation for the lamp's form. Throughout our history, Lawrence & Scott lamps have always exuded substance and sophistication, and it was clear that the material choice should reflect these qualities. We chose sustainably harvested walnut, a dense wood with stunning grains that mirror the storied heritage of pagodas.

Crafting the rings that compose the Malmo series involves a meticulous process. Each piece is meticulously fashioned from the same walnut board, with careful consideration given to the selection of cutting sites to ensure a harmonious grain pattern from top to bottom in each finished piece. In essence, while every Malmo lamp is individually handcrafted, they are intentionally conceived as a cohesive ensemble. Each ring undergoes a precise sequence of cutting, turning, and polishing in our proprietary 12-step process, resulting in a surface that emanates a natural luster without the need for chemical finishes. In fact, we exclusively employ natural oils to complete the lamps.

The table lamps and the Malmo pendant feature our in-house lampshades affixed to a Euro mount, ensuring a soft and even distribution of light without any intrusion from shade frames that might cast unwanted shadows.

Our commitment to sustainability transcends material selection and production methods. We also strive to minimize waste and prioritize usability in every aspect of our designs. The Malmo pendants, for instance, are deliberately designed with traditional sockets instead of proprietary, irreplaceable LED modules that are challenging, if not impossible, to replace. This feature renders the Malmo series an exceptional choice for commercial installations, as end-users can easily maintain the lamps without the need to return them for repairs when the LED modules eventually reach the end of their lifespan. With Malmo, one installation is all it takes, and it will endure indefinitely.

We are thrilled that our vision has resonated with designers and editors who have incorporated the Malmo series into their clients' homes and offices. House Beautiful, recognizing its uniqueness, has featured the Malmo Model S as an exceptional lamp that infuses personality into any space. Additionally, the Malmo Twist Glass Pendant has received the prestigious ADEX Platinum design award. As time progresses, we are dedicated to expanding the Malmo line, continually delighting designers and discerning clients alike.

We invite you to explore the entirety of the Malmo Series on our website, where elegance, sustainability, and impeccable craftsmanship converge.